Our selection of thermoplastic applicators ranges from basic models ideal for contractors just starting to work in roadway striping to more elaborate applications suitable for use with truck mounted systems. Whether you are looking for a walk and push option or want the ability to minimize the amount of manual labor you need to do, there is a thermoplastic applicator suitable for your needs.

Thermoplastic markings typically last longer than traditionally painted lines, which makes it a popular choice for permanent projects. But thermoplastic can’t exactly be slapped onto a surface with a nylon brush! A high-quality thermoplastic applicator can be the key to completing jobs with precision and polish, and Transline is your one-stop shop for these machines.

Stick with a classic push-operated model or go all-in with a self-propelled design; either way, you’ll see beautiful results. And because our applicators come in a wide range of sizes and tank capacities, you can rest assured that we’ve got the right tools for projects of any scale.

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