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Self-Propelled Thermoplastic Handliner | 360SP

Shown with optional Ride-On Sulky.

The Model 360SP Thermoplastic Applicator provides all the features of the 360M with the addition of Self-Propulsion, a 360 pound material tank, and a preset radius steering system.  A Liqued Propane fired 5.5 HP Engine powers a self contained hydrostatic propulsion system with infinite speed control in forward or reverse up to 4 mph. An optional operator ride-on sulky can be easily attached to the 360SP, which alleviates operator fatigue and will also increase LP fuel capacity, saving you time and money!

Standard Features

  • Hydrostatic Self Propulsion drive allows infinite speeds, forward and reverse, up to 4 mph (7 kph)
  • Includes unique steering system that allows for straight steering or preset curve
  • 5.5 HP Propane fired Honda Engine
  • Heat treated steel Extrusion Dies with push / pull mechanism eliminates replacing worn out die springs
  • Variable width Glass Bead System with 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” , dual 4” & 6” widths with the turn of a dial
  • 50 lb. Bead capacity
  • 16” & 18” Glass Bead systems available
  • Optional Double Drop Bead systems available
  • Rear wheel offers straight track locked position or 360° swivel
  • 360 Pound Material Tank capacity
  • Material Tank is Interchangeable for color changes
  • Automatic thermostat regulates material temperature

Compact Size

  • Length: 54” (137 cm)
  • Width: 37” (94 cm)
  • Height: 52” (132 cm)
  • Weight: 600lbs. (272 kg)

Optional Equipment

  • Operator Ride-On Sulky with adjustable padded seat also provides additional propane storage.
  • Extra Material Tank – Lightweight material tank is easily removed for quick change of colors
  • Double Drop Glass Bead System for improved retro-reflectivity

Product Brochure

Self-Propelled Thermoplastic Handliner | 360SP

The Model 360SP Thermoplastic Applicator provides all the features of the 360M with the addition of Self-Propulsion.