Who We Are: Transline Industries

For more than three decades, Transline Industries has proudly unified Centerline Supply, Trantex, and Florida Transcor. Together, we offer comprehensive services tailored to the transportation industry’s needs under a cohesive brand. We continue to uphold the tradition of exceptional service and outstanding value our clients have appreciated through the years, now streamlined through Transline Industries, Inc.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, and with a heritage dating back to 1984, Transline Industries stands at the forefront as a premier manufacturer and distributor. Our products span across traffic control equipment, pavement marking materials, and traffic safety supplies. We specialize in both custom and mass-produced signage solutions, and we are capable of fulfilling every municipal and highway signage need.

Our facilities house an advanced sign department that designs and manufactures everything from federally compliant highway DOT signs to bespoke architectural signage. Our offerings are supported by a full suite of structural components, including poles and steel fittings, crafted to meet stringent safety standards.

Our extensive selection of safety products covers everything from basic cones and delineators to sophisticated electronic attenuators. We maintain an inventory of traffic paint, Thermoplastic, epoxy, MMA, and all necessary application equipment, ensuring our ability to deliver both consistency and profitability in all our projects.

Spotlight on Our Divisions


Traffic Safety Products, Signs, and Equipment

Centerline Supply excels in delivering a broad spectrum of traffic control solutions and pavement marking systems. Our extensive inventory features traffic paint, Thermoplastic, epoxy, and MMA, supported by a diverse array of application equipment designed for optimal efficiency and durability. Our custom graphics team provides tailored solutions for fleet decals, vehicle wraps, and Custom signs.

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Leading traffic supplier, and equipment in Texas and Louisiana

Since 1984, Trantex has been instrumental in the road safety sector, specializing in the distribution of marking materials and safety equipment essential for government and private sector projects. Our commitment is to ensure that key safety materials are always available for immediate delivery, enhancing project efficiency and safety compliance.

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Premier distributor for Traffic Safety Products, Signs, And Equipment

Florida Transcor prides itself on being a leading provider of traffic safety supplies and pavement marking equipment. As an authorized distributor and repair center for brands like Graco, we offer not only high-quality products but also reliable repair services. Our comprehensive signage solutions range from standard traffic signs to custom, wide-format printing services for a variety of applications, ensuring rapid service and high satisfaction.

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