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Trusted by thousands, Centerline Supply and Trantex offers a wide range of high-quality traffic control products in Texas. With our four convenient locations across North and Central Texas – Austin, San Antonio, Houston and our Home Office located in Grand Prairie, we have you covered.

Our traffic control solutions are designed to suit every need. If you require reliable traffic management products in Texas we are at your service.

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Experience Unmatched Quality in Texas Traffic Control Products

Whether you’re managing a bustling city intersection or a quiet rural road, our traffic control products are the answer to your needs. Each product, including our high-performance traffic paint, is thoughtfully designed with the intricacies of Texas’s roads and highways in mind. Our traffic paint stands out for its durability and visibility, ensuring long-lasting performance even in the challenging Texas climate. Our range, from delineators to Texas road signs, provides superior performance and increased longevity. Committed to safety and durability, we leverage top-quality materials and innovative technology to ensure our products meet the highest standards. For unrivaled traffic control solutions in Texas, you can trust us to deliver.

Local Insight, Customized Solutions in Texas

Our expertise extends beyond traffic control products – it’s rooted in our deep knowledge of Texas roadways. We understand that the challenges of managing traffic in downtown Austin differ vastly from those in the tranquility of the Hill Country or the coastal roads of Corpus Christi. This understanding of the unique traffic challenges facing the Lone Star State paired with our commitment to service excellence drives us to create localized solutions. Our team is dedicated to delivering a customer experience that’s not just superior, but also specifically tailored to the unique needs of Texans.

Our Assortment of Traffic Safety Solutions in Texas

Proudly serving Texas, we offer a diverse range of traffic control products to suit any situation:

Driving Change in Texas Traffic Management

We invite you to join us in our mission to improve Texas roads. With our traffic control products developed with local insight, we’re not just providing tools; we’re offering comprehensive solutions designed to transform traffic management across the state. Our expert team, backed by a deep understanding of Texas roads and a dedication to exceptional service, continuously endeavors to create safer, more efficient traffic control. From dense city highways to sparse rural roads, we’re making strides to advance Texas traffic control one intersection at a time.

Ready to enhance traffic control in your Texas community? Our team is standing by to provide tailored solutions for your unique needs. Contact us today to start making Texas roads safer and more efficient!