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Trantex takes pride in its renowned presence in Baton Rouge, providing top-of-the-line traffic control products in Louisiana. Our services extend beyond Baton Rouge, and we’re committed to serving the greater Louisiana region. Our broad range of traffic control solutions, including highway signs and various other traffic equipment, is designed to cater to all specific needs across this diverse state.

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Proudly Serving Baton Rouge and Beyond

We’ve expanded our reach to cover the diverse needs of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  Our extensive offering, from robust delineators to custom-made Louisiana traffic signs, is specially crafted considering the distinctive roadway requirements across the state. Whether you need traffic paint and thermoplastic for endurable road markings or Type I & II barricades for temporary traffic control, our products stand out both in terms of quality and safety. Our goal is to ensure a high-performance solution for every traffic control need, be it for the vibrant streets of Baton Rouge or the quieter corners of Lafayette, across the entire region..

Local Expertise for Customized Traffic Solutions

Our forte goes beyond just providing the best traffic control products in Louisiana – our real strength lies in our deep understanding of this beautiful state. We cater to its unique traffic challenges, offering customized traffic solutions infused with local insights that make us more than just a traffic control store near you. Expect excellence in service and a customer experience that understands your needs.

Wide Range of Traffic Safety Products in Louisiana

Serving Louisiana with pride, we offer an assortment of traffic control products suitable for varied situations. Our range includes:

Driving Change in Louisiana’s Traffic Management

We’re on a mission to improve Louisiana’s traffic control landscape. With our products and local insights, we’re enhancing Louisiana’s traffic management, one intersection at a time. Connect with our dedicated team to discover safe and effective ways to manage traffic in your Louisiana community.

Ready to transform roads in Louisiana? Let us help provide tailored traffic control solutions. Contact us, and let’s make Louisiana’s roads safe, together!

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