R14-2 Hazardous Materials Route Sign

The R14-2 Hazardous Materials Route Sign distinctly indicates the dedicated routes for vehicles transporting hazardous materials, reducing the risk of dangerous incidents.

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Enhance safety standards and ensure the precise navigation of hazardous materials with the R14-2 Hazardous Materials Route sign. This pivotal sign guarantees that vehicles transporting dangerous goods are kept on specified routes, minimizing potential risks and ensuring the safety of all road users.


  • Clear Guidance for Specialized Cargo: The R14-2 sign distinctly indicates the dedicated routes for vehicles transporting hazardous materials, reducing the risk of dangerous incidents.
  • Customized Size Options for Optimal Visibility:
    • 24″: Best for tighter spaces or smaller streets while ensuring clear readability.
    • 30″ & 36″: Mid-ranged sizes ideal for city streets, suburban roads, and well-lit areas.
    • 42″ & 48″: Larger dimensions ensure maximum visibility from afar, perfect for freeways, major intersections, and high-traffic zones.
  • Diverse Material Options to Cater to Various Settings:
    • Aluminum: Renowned for its enduring strength and resistance to weather, offering long-lasting performance for outdoor placements.
    • Plastic: Balances durability with flexibility, ideal for short-term or frequently moved installations.
    • Wood: Provides an eco-friendly and classic look, suitable for locations aiming for a more natural or vintage feel.
  • Three Levels of Reflectivity to Suit Varied Needs:
    • Engineer Grade: Consistent reflectivity perfect for well-lit settings, with an approximate lifespan of 7 years.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Enhanced visibility across varied light conditions, maintaining brightness for nearly 10 years.
    • Diamond Grade: The zenith of reflectivity, delivering crystal-clear visibility even in less-than-ideal lighting, with a lifespan stretching up to 12 years.
  • Standard-Compliant and Long-Lasting: Manufactured in adherence to rigorous industry standards, ensuring unwavering quality and resilience against a plethora of external conditions.
  • Effortless Installation: Pre-drilled holes ensure a straightforward mounting process on a diverse range of surfaces, from posts to walls.

Recommended For:

  • Industrial Zones: Crucial in areas with regular movement of hazardous materials, ensuring they adhere to safe and designated routes.
  • Port Vicinities: Guides hazardous material carriers from shipping ports to safe transportation routes.
  • Major Roadways & Intersections: Clearly indicates the proper pathway for trucks transporting dangerous materials, reducing potential mishaps.
  • Near Chemical & Manufacturing Plants: Ensures that inbound and outbound hazardous shipments follow the stipulated safety routes.

The R14-2 “Hazardous Materials Route” sign is an emblem of meticulous planning, road safety, and a commitment to protecting both the environment and the public. With choices ranging from the robust aluminum, versatile plastic, to the naturally aesthetic wood, this sign serves as an indispensable tool for safe and regulated transportation of hazardous goods.