R7-112a 2 HR Parking 7AM – 8:30PM Electric Vehicles Sign

Specially designed to mark parking zones for electric vehicles and limit their use to a 2-hour period, promoting efficient use of parking space.

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Efficiently manage your parking space and promote sustainable transportation with the R7-112a 2 HR Parking 7AM – 8:30PM Electric Vehicles Sign. This sign serves to designate parking zones for electric vehicles with a 2-hour limit within specified hours, creating an organized parking system for your area.

Key Features:

  • Size and Design: The sign measures 12″ x 18″, offering optimal visibility for drivers. The clear message, “2 HR Parking 7AM – 8:30PM Electric Vehicles”, is presented in an easily interpretable format, avoiding any potential confusion regarding parking regulations for electric vehicles during these hours.
  • Material Options: Select from three different materials for your sign: aluminum, plastic, or wood. Each material offers its unique advantages. Aluminum is valued for its longevity and resistance to weather conditions, plastic provides an economical yet sturdy alternative, and wood offers a traditional, naturally appealing look.
  • Reflective Sheeting: Choose from engineer grade, high intensity, or diamond grade reflective sheeting based on your requirements. These options accommodate various visibility needs and traffic situations, ensuring the sign remains readable under dim light and from fast-moving vehicles.

Implement the R7-112a 2 HR Parking 7AM – 8:30PM Electric Vehicles Sign to effectively manage your parking zones and encourage the use of eco-friendly electric vehicles. With a variety of material and reflectivity options, this sign is a versatile and durable solution for various environments and conditions.