Understanding the Different Types of Traffic Delineators

Understanding the Different Types of Traffic Delineators

Poor visibility plays a role in 30% of traffic crashes. And in response, Transline Industries does its part to help improve roadway brightness and driver safety by being a leader and innovator in traffic control products. 

Traffic delineator posts are one of our most versatile solutions, but what are delineator posts to begin with? We’ll answer that (along with many other important questions) and explore the common types of delineators so you can identify the ideal option for your project below.

What Is a Delineator?

Traffic lane delineators are easy-to-see markers used to guide drivers along roads and highways. They enhance road safety by providing clear visual guidance, especially in low-light conditions such as nighttime or in adverse weather. They also help maintain traffic flow and prevent accidents by clearly indicating lane boundaries, road edges, and other important features. 

There are many different types of delineators, each of which has its own unique features and benefits. Choosing the appropriate safety device for your intended use will help maximize safety and observability while also ensuring the longevity of your road safety products. 

Common Types of Delineators

Transline Industries offers several types of delineators, including the following: 

Post Delineators

We manufacture post delineators from durable materials, such as plastic, metal, or a combination thereof. The choice of material will depend on your intended use case and the level of durability you require. 

Our clients typically use post delineators along highways and roads to mark the edges of a lane or to indicate changes in road alignment. They are particularly effective in providing visual guidance in areas with curves or complex road layouts, and they can also be used to reduce the risk of wrong-way driving.

Post delineators have reflective surfaces that make them easy to see, and ours are available in several different high-vis colors, including yellow and orange. 

Mount Delineators

Top-mount delineators are very easy to install, as they include a surface mounting mechanism that you’ll attach directly to the road itself. These delineators make for some of our most versatile products. They can be used in various locations, including sharp curves, intersections, and guardrails, making them a popular choice for enhancing visibility and safety in all sorts of traffic layouts. 

You can easily adjust the spacing of your mount delineators to align with the needs of the environment. If you are marking a sharp curve, you could place the posts closer together to ensure drivers receive reflective feedback as they navigate the curve. In contrast, if you are marking the perimeter of a highway, you could space the posts out more. 

Flexible Delineators

Flexible delineator posts are designed to bend upon impact and then return to their original shape. That makes them highly resilient to vehicle contact, reducing the need for frequent replacements. 

As such, these particular delineators are ideal for areas prone to frequent vehicle contact, such as narrow roads, construction zones, and high-traffic areas. Their flexibility and durability ensure they’ll hold up under the rigors of daily use, as well, further minimizing the need for replacements. 

Barrier Wall Delineators

Barrier delineators typically feature a mounted panel design and are most often used on concrete barriers and median dividers. They work to enhance observability and help drivers avoid scraping or hitting walls along the outside of travel lanes. 

Our barrier wall delineators are easy to install and take down, making them a good fit for construction zones. You can efficiently remove or relocate them as the project progresses, which promotes better worker safety. 

Transline Industries ensures that our wall-mounted devices meet the latest state and federal regulatory standards. And their robust construction helps them withstand the challenging conditions along highways and other busy road systems. 

Delineators for Construction Zones

Construction delineators are specifically designed to enhance employee safety in active work sites. They are very easy to see, featuring bright colors and reflective elements to alert drivers of upcoming changes in road conditions. You can easily find the ideal style, color, and configuration based on the demands of your construction project. 

Delineators on road construction sites also feature a sturdy design. We carefully choose materials and finishes that will hold up in the harshest conditions, allowing you to reuse your delineators on multiple projects while keeping your costs down. 

Choosing the Right Delineator 

It’s never wise to guess when choosing between different types of delineators. Partner with Transline Industries, a leader in road safety equipment, and one of our expert team members will discuss the unique needs of your project. We will identify the ideal configuration for your intended use case and help you make an informed decision. 

Explore Transline Industries’ broad selection of traffic control products or request a quote online. We look forward to helping you and your team stay safer and more visible on the road.