R7-201aP Red Tow Away Sign

The sign is designed to grab the attention of drivers instantly and deter them from leaving their vehicles in restricted areas.

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Introducing the R7-201aP Red Tow Away Sign, a crucial tool for ensuring order and respect for private parking spaces. This sign is an effective means of notifying drivers about the serious consequence of unauthorized parking – that their vehicle may be towed away.

Key Features:

  • Size and Design: Sized at 12″ x 6″, the R7-201aP Red Tow Away Sign is designed to be easily noticeable without taking up excessive space. The bright red background, coupled with contrasting text, ensures the sign’s message is clear and instantly recognizable, deterring potential unauthorized parkers.
  • Material Options: Available in three distinct materials – aluminum, plastic, and wood – you have the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs. Opt for the longevity and resistance of aluminum, the cost-effectiveness of plastic, or the organic aesthetic appeal of wood.
  • Reflective Sheeting: Choose from engineer grade, high intensity, or diamond grade reflective sheeting to maximize visibility. Whether it’s day or night, clear or inclement weather, the high-quality reflectivity ensures the sign’s message is always readable.

The R7-201aP Red Tow Away Sign is an effective deterrent against illegal parking, helping to maintain the integrity of your designated parking spaces. Its adaptability in terms of material and reflectivity options makes it an essential investment for any private parking area, commercial parking lot, or restricted parking zone. Utilize this sign to uphold your parking regulations and avoid unnecessary inconvenience.