R10-12 Left Turn Yield on Green Sign

Enhance road safety and traffic control with the R10-12 Left Turn Yield on Green Sign. Ideal for improving driver awareness, this sign offers great visibility, robust construction, and reflective options. Its optimal size and superior reflectivity make it easily readable, while its durable aluminum construction promises long-lasting performance. A crucial tool for promoting adherence to traffic regulations, this sign fosters efficient vehicle flow and safety on roads.

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Improve your traffic control and road safety measures with the R10-12 Left Turn Yield on Green Sign. This sign is designed to clearly inform drivers when they are required to yield while making a left turn on a green signal, encouraging safer driving behaviors and smooth traffic flow.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size: At 30″ x 36″, the sign offers excellent visibility without overpowering the surroundings. Its size makes it easily identifiable for drivers, enhancing their understanding of road rules.
  • Variety of Reflectivity Options: Choose from three levels of reflective sheeting options: engineer grade, high intensity, or diamond grade. Each type is designed to offer superior visibility in various light conditions, ensuring your sign is readable at all times.
  • Durable Construction: The R10-12 Left Turn Yield on Green Sign is made from robust aluminum, ensuring its durability against different weather conditions. Its high-quality construction guarantees that the sign maintains its readability and effectiveness over time.

The R10-12 Left Turn Yield on Green Sign is a key asset in promoting road safety and efficient traffic control. By clearly communicating the rule to drivers, it encourages adherence to traffic regulations and aids in maintaining a smooth flow of vehicles. This sign is an excellent addition to your traffic control measures, ensuring that road safety remains a priority.