Thermoplastic DOT Specification

DOT Specification Thermoplastic pavement marking material.

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Hot-Applied Thermoplastic pavement marking material is a 100% solid material that liquefies when heated. It’s an environmentally and user-safe compound containing binder, pigments, filler and glass beads. Thermoplastic is a durable and cost effective marking system that can be installed as a flat line with various glass bead packages, or in profile configurations for enhanced wet night visibility and audible safety measure.

Benefits of Using Thermoplastic Pavement Markings:

  • Superior performance; abrasion resistant for durability
  • Mechanically adheres to all asphalt pavements
  • Adhesive bond to concrete (requires primer for application)
  • Extended durability results from:Intermix beads for maintained retroreflectivity
  • Flexible application thicknesses
  • Formulated for quick dry of < 2 minutes at temperatures as low as 50°F
  • Engineered to minimize lane interruptions and closures
  • Application methods include spray, ribbon or screed (40-125 mils)
  • Complete thermoplastic product line available in lead-free yellow

Thermoplastic Primer available in 5 gallon pails For use with thermoplastic on concrete.
Hydrocarbon formula and Block material available by special order only.

Units sold by bag, pallet or truckload.

FDOT White Thermoplastic – MSDS
FDOT Yellow Thermoplastic – MSDS