Epoxy Tube Kit

E-BOND 1240/1241 is primarily designed for placement of Raised and Recessed traffic markers.These tube kits may be used in a standard size chalking gun.

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  • 100% solids
  • Can be mixed by hand or by use of automatic mixing and metering equipment.
  • Complies with American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) M-237, Type II regulations.

Product Description

Give traffic markers a one-two punch with our epoxy tube kits!

Epoxy tube kits by E-bond Epoxies, Inc. are a two-part adhesive. Simply mix equal amounts of Component A (resin) and Component B (hardener), and you’ll have a strong, durable bonding agent that’s ideal for placing raised or recessed traffic markers onto highways, roadways, and other paved surfaces. And because the tubes fit into most standard-sized caulking guns, you’ll be able to apply the right amount of adhesive every time—with minimal mess.

Estimated application rates for this product are:
• 2 ½ inch by 4 ½ inch Rectangular Marker – 15 uses per kit.
• 4-inch Round/Square Marker – 12 uses per kit.
• 8-inch Round Marker – 3 uses per kit.
• 8-inch Safe-Hit Base Marker – 3 uses per kit.

Individual results may vary.

How to Use

Epoxy adhesive should be installed on clean, dry pavement when the ambient and surface temperatures are at least 50°F. Clear the area of dirt and debris prior to application. Sandblasting or grinding may be necessary to remove oil stains and existing markings.

When using this product, always combine equal amounts of Component A (pigmented white) and Component B (pigmented black). Mix until the adhesive is a smooth, uniform gray color. Do not dilute the mixture. Please note that, in ambient temperatures above 80° F, work time with the adhesive is significantly reduced.

After applying the adhesive to a traffic marker, apply firm hand pressure to the marker until a small ring of adhesive is visible around its perimeter. DO NOT step or stand on the piece in order to “set” the adhesive; doing so may force excessive amounts of epoxy out from under the marker and ultimately result in a weaker bond.

For the convenience of our customers, Transline is happy to host official documentation put out by E-bond Epoxies, Inc. regarding epoxy tube kits. Follow the included link to learn more about this product, including detailed installation instructions:
Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet