Butyl Pad

Butyl pads firmly adhere road markers, delineator posts, and other traffic devices to paved surfaces.

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  • Measures 5 inches by 5 inches by 1/8 inch.
  • Ideal for temporary mounting.
  • Traffic ready after setting for two hours.

Product Description

No measuring, no cutting, and no heating—yes, our butyl pads are hard to beat when it comes to ease of use!

Pre-cut butyl pads give you the strength of butyl adhesive in a convenient, no-mess package. A simple “peel and stick” procedure is all it takes to utilize these gluey squares. But once they’re in place, they’ll hold strong for months. Use them on concrete, asphalt, and other kinds of pavement.

How to Use

Butyl pads should be installed on clean, dry surfaces. Clear the area of dirt and debris prior to application. Sandblasting or grinding may be necessary to remove oil stains and existing markings.

Double-sided pads are protected by two sheets of cover paper. Avoid removing both protective sheets at once. Instead, remove one paper and stick the pad to your chosen traffic marker FIRST. After the pad has been securely applied to the marker, remove the second protective sheet, and place the newly-exposed side of the pad to your desired surface.

It is not necessary to use heat to activate the adhesive. Simply applying firm pressure on the newly-placed traffic marker is sufficient for creating a strong bond.