Preformed Thermo Bike Lane Symbols

Preformed thermoplastic Bike Lane Symbols come precut with a clean, neat appearance and provide durability and visibility for highways and streets.

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  • Complies with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) regulations.
  • Available in 90 and 125 mil thicknesses. We also sell white and yellow linear material in 90 mil rolls.
  • Environmentally-friendly; produces no lead chromate, heavy metal compounds, or volatile organic compounds during application and removal.

When it’s time to mark a brand-new (or just newly refurbished) bike lane, our preformed, precut thermoplastic bike lane symbols are a mess-free alternative to paint and stencils. Creating crisp, clear lines has never been easier!

Transline’s preformed symbols are made of heavy-duty, durable, intersection-grade thermoplastic, which gives them a lifespan 4 to 5 times longer than standard traffic marking paint. They’re retroreflective, making them easy to see for both drivers and bicyclists in nighttime conditions. And best of all: our symbols install in three simple steps. To add the symbol to your desired surface, all you need to do is prepare, position, and heat. No heavy materials or cumbersome equipment necessary—just the product and a handheld torch.

Preformed thermoplastic symbols are valued for their inherent flexibility, durability, and visibility. These qualities make them popular choices for use on highways and streets, office and shopping center parking lots, and school campuses.

How to Use

Preformed thermo bike lane symbols should be installed on clean, dry pavement when the ambient and surface temperatures are at least 32°F. Clear the area of dirt and debris prior to application. Sandblasting or grinding may be necessary to remove oil stains and existing markings. We do not recommend installing symbols on pavement that has been subjected to rainfall in the last 24 hours, as moisture may interfere with the design’s ability to adhere to the surface.

Please note that this page should only be used for ordering bike lane symbols. Browse our product catalog for more preformed thermoplastic pieces, or contact us for a custom design.