B22 Road Marker Adhesive Epoxy

B22 Road Marker Adhesive is a dual-component epoxy designed for traffic installations. VOC-free and capable of wide-range curing, it ensures strong bonding to concrete and asphalt with no spillage.

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The B22 Road Marker Adhesive is a dual-component epoxy with a mix ratio of one-to-one by volume, designed specifically for the installation of raised or recessed traffic markers and traffic lane delineators. It is composed of 100% solids, free from any volatile organic compounds (VOC), and possesses the unique ability to cure efficiently across a broad temperature range. B22 has been specially formulated to achieve excellent adhesion to Portland cement concrete as well as asphalt paving. The robust, thick consistency of the mixed B22 material effectively covers the substrate and marker, achieving superior bonding by filling surface imperfections without leaking into adjacent areas.

Typical Uses

  • Raised Traffic Marker Adhesive
  • Recessed Traffic Marker Adhesive
  • Traffic Lane Delineator Adhesive
  •  Easily mixed by hand or can be dispensed using 1:1 meter mix equipment

Basic Usage

Ensure the substrate temperature is at least 5°F above the dew point to avoid moisture condensation and the concrete is saturated surface dry. Avoid applying adhesive over visible moisture. Treat oil stains and old markers with sand blasting or grinding.

The use of 1:1 meter mixing equipment is efficient for applying adhesive, with a minimum of 24 elements in the static mixing head. After dispensing, use a tool to evenly spread the adhesive on the substrate and remove air bubbles.

Hand mixing, although slower, is acceptable. Equal volumes of Part A and Part B must be carefully measured. Use a drill motor and mixer for better uniformity. Mix until color is consistent, typically around 90 seconds, then scrape the mixing vessel and mix again for 30-60 seconds. The mixture can then be applied to the substrate.

Cleaning tools is necessary and can be done with a solvent such as Xylene or MEK.

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