Permanent Pavement Marking Tape

Retro-reflective tapes and symbols are suitable for marking highways, streets, intersections, or anywhere traffic markings are required.

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  • Available in white and yellow.
  • 60 mil (1.52mm) thick.
  • Suitable for both warm and cold climates.
  • Also available in various symbols and legends

Duct tape may be the tape of choice for engineers and hobbyists alike, but it’s no match for our pavement marking tape!

As its name implies, Series 300 Permanent Pavement Marking Tape by Advance Traffic Markings (ATM) is not designed to be a temporary fix or decoration. The tape will hold fast onto highways, streets, intersections, and other high-traffic areas, making it ideal for your long-term marking requirements. There’s no need to wait for the tape to “set” or dry; it can be driven over or walked on almost immediately after installation. Between its quick setup, durability, and peel resistance, our permanent pavement marking tape is convenient for workers, drivers, and pedestrians alike.

ATM’s pavement is pigmented with lead-free polymeric paint and contains glass beads for increased visibility and longevity. The manufacturer also offers a version of the tape with embedded anti-skid particles, creating an even tougher final product.

How to Install

ATM’s pavement marking tape is appropriate for use in nearly all climates; its adhesive will resist movement in both extremely hot and extremely cold conditions.

ATM 300 tape should be installed on clean, dry pavement when the ambient and surface temperatures are at least 40°F. Clear the area of dirt and debris prior to application. Sandblasting or grinding may be necessary to remove oil stains and existing markings. On all surfaces except for asphalt that is newer than 30 days old, the manufacturer recommends further prepping the surface with an ATM primer.

After applying the tape to your desired surface, tamp it down using a tamping tool with a load of 200 lbs. or higher and a minimum 2 inches of clearance on either side of the tape. The tape’s powerful adhesive will ensure a strong, steadfast hold. Applying the tape using an inlay method can increase the tape’s durability, especially in snowy weather. When applied according to manufacturer’s instructions and subjected to normal traffic, Series 300 tape will have a lifespan of at least 24 months. However, this lifespan may be shortened on roads and highways that see frequent snow plowing during the winter months.