Graco Paint Hopper 25 Gallon

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  • Compatible with LineLazer IV 250SPS only.
  • Easy to install and use.

When you’re trying to complete a painting job quickly and efficiently, having to pause to refill can be annoying. So cut back on your “pit stops” with our jumbo-sized Graco Paint Hoppers!

These containers hold up to 25 gallons of paint—the equivalent of five standard 5-gallon buckets. However, adding a Hopper will NOT compromise the LineLazer’s balance and maneuverability. You’ll get the same beautiful, consistent lines that you’ve come to expect when using Graco pavement stripers.

Not sure if a specific task will actually require a full 25 gallons of paint? That’s not a problem—the Graco hopper can still function perfectly when it’s not filled to capacity. Whether the job calls for “only” 20 or 10 gallons, this hopper will serve you well through multiple projects!

How to Use

Transline is proud to be your Graco supplier. Browse our website to see all available products, including paint stripers, thermoplastic applicators, and machine accessories. Brochures and operation manuals can be found on the “Resources” page of our website. Please note that this 25 gallon hopper should ONLY be paired with LineLazer IV 250SPS units; attempting to install or use it with other line stripers may result in damage to the hopper or striper (and create potential safety risks to operators).