Arrow Board – Skid Mount

The pivoting skid Arrow Board models employ a heavy-duty hand crank to raise the arrow board from horizontal to vertical position.

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Skid-Mounted Arrow Boards are the most power-efficient in the industry. They feature low power consumption, a self-contained power supply, and a control module with a 30-foot cable for mounting inside a truck cab or elsewhere. Our skid-mounted arrow boards can be affixed to a truck bed or any rigid footing. The pivoting skid models employ a heavy-duty hand crank to raise the arrow board from horizontal (travel position) to vertical (display position). Standard height and low-profile pivoting skids are available.

  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Consumes 66% less power
  • Contains 80% less lead
  • Sealed batteries will not leak or spill
  • Decreased charging time saves energy and downtime
  • Reduced battery weight saves fuel
  • Manufacturing process emits near-zero VOCs
  • Nearly every component can be recycled
  • Self-contained power supply
  • No need to run vehicle engine to operate arrow board
  • Choose 15 lamps with 7 arrow display modes or 25 lamps with 12 arrow display modes
  • Full height over 10 feet tall for excellent visibility
  • Display pivots 90 degrees to stow for storage and travel
  • Controller with 30-foot cable, mounts anywhere, safely away from battery box
  • Positive-drive voltage system applies power to lamps only when lit
  • Automatic dimming further conserves power
  • Dual PTC resettable fuses, reverse polarity protection and low-voltage-disconnect system protect electrical components
  • 50-watt solar charging system features solid state voltage regulator with charge indicator
  • Arrow display has automatic and manual dimming, with flashing rate of 30–40 per minute
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements
  • Meets MUTCD
  • NTPEP tested