R9-4a No Hitch Hiking Sign

The R9-4a No Hitch Hiking Sign prominently displays the message “Ride with Traffic,” guiding cyclists to maintain the correct direction and ensuring safer travel for all road users.

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Maintain road safety and prevent unauthorized activities with our R9-4a “No Hitch Hiking” Sign. Ideal for strategic placement along roads, highways, and other high-traffic areas, this sign explicitly warns against hitchhiking, ensuring the safety and security of both drivers and pedestrians.

Key Features:

  • Clear Message: The unmistakable “No Hitch Hiking” label effectively dissuades individuals from engaging in unsafe hitchhiking activities.
  • Versatile Sizing: Choose between 12″ x 18″ and 18″ x 24″ dimensions to find the perfect size for your specific setting.
  • Material Variety:
    • Aluminum: Offers robust durability, perfect for long-lasting outdoor use.
    • Plastic: A cost-effective choice for indoor or temporary applications.
    • Wood: Ideal for scenic or natural settings where aesthetics are a consideration.
  • Reflective Sheeting Options:
    • Engineer Grade: A good fit for residential or well-lit areas.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Optimal for busy, low-light conditions.
    • Diamond Grade: Provides maximum visibility, making it suitable for high-risk or dimly lit areas.
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured to industry standards, ensuring a product that is both reliable and durable.
  • Simple Installation: Pre-drilled holes make mounting on a variety of surfaces a breeze.

Best Use Cases:

  • Major Roads and Highways: Regular placement along busy roads keeps both drivers and pedestrians aware and safe.
  • Public Transit Areas: Install near bus, train, or subway stations to remind the public that hitchhiking is prohibited.
  • Tourist Spots: Particularly effective in areas where tourists may not be aware of local laws and safety regulations.
  • Private Properties and Campsites: Useful in delineating the rules and minimizing liability in privately-owned areas.

The R9-4a “No Hitch Hiking” Sign serves as an excellent preventive measure against the risks associated with hitchhiking. With multiple sizes, materials, and reflectivity grades to choose from, you can customize the sign to fit the unique requirements of your location. Opt for safety; invest in an R9-4a “No Hitch Hiking” Sign today.