R7-201P Black Tow Away Sign

The sign is designed to grab the attention of drivers instantly and deter them from leaving their vehicles in restricted areas.

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Introducing the R7-201P Black Tow Away Sign, a critical component in effectively managing your property’s parking rules. This sign effectively communicates the consequences of unauthorized parking, making it a deterrent for drivers who might consider occupying your parking space illegitimately.

Key Features:

  • Size and Design: With a compact yet noticeable size of 12″ x 6″, this sign features striking text against a contrasting background, ensuring the ‘Tow Away’ warning is clearly visible. The sign’s bold black color enhances its visibility and instantly captures the attention of drivers, significantly reducing instances of illegal parking.
  • Material Choices: The R7-201P Black Tow Away Sign is available in a variety of materials: aluminum, plastic, and wood. Choose aluminum for a durable, weather-resistant solution; opt for plastic for a lightweight, cost-effective alternative; or select wood for a traditional, eco-friendly aesthetic.
  • Reflective Sheeting Options: The sign comes with different choices of reflective sheeting, including engineer grade, high intensity, or diamond grade. These options ensure the sign’s visibility at any time of day and under various weather conditions. Each grade provides a different level of reflectivity and durability to match your specific requirements.

The R7-201P Black Tow Away Sign is a valuable tool for maintaining the integrity of your property’s parking space. With different material and reflectivity options, it allows you to tailor the sign to your needs, ensuring its effectiveness in a variety of settings and conditions. This sign is a must-have for any private property, commercial parking lot, or restricted parking area.