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R2-4a No Turns Sign

Introduce clarity and enhance safety on your roadways with the R2-4a No Turns Sign. Specifically designed to inform drivers that no turns are permitted in certain areas, this sign plays an indispensable role in minimizing accidents and ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.

Key Features:

  • Clear Communication: Features the unmistakable “No Turns” iconography that drivers can quickly understand, helping to keep roadways safer.
  • Size Variability:
    • 24″: Perfect for smaller streets or areas where space is a premium.
    • 36″: A standard size offering an ideal balance of visibility and footprint.
    • 48″: Best suited for high-traffic locations where maximum visibility is required.
  • Material Options for Every Need:
    • Aluminum: The go-to for durability and all-weather resilience.
    • Plastic: Lightweight and cost-effective, ideal for temporary or short-term use.
    • Wood: Aesthetically pleasing for scenic, rustic, or community settings while offering sturdy performance.
  • Reflective Sheeting Choices:
    • Engineer Grade: Standard reflectivity, suitable for well-lit and low-speed areas.
    • High-Intensity Grade: For areas that demand higher visibility due to challenging lighting or weather.
    • Diamond Grade: Offers the highest level of visibility, ideal for high-risk or high-speed areas.
  • Fully Compliant: Meets all federal and local regulations to ensure your roadway system is up to standard.
  • Easy to Install: Pre-drilled holes make mounting a breeze, so your sign is up and doing its job in no time.


  • Urban Roads: Useful in dense city environments where turning can disrupt traffic flow.
  • Highways: Indispensable for high-speed, high-traffic areas to prevent dangerous turning maneuvers.
  • Private Properties: Ideal for parking lots, commercial properties, or private estates.
  • Special Events: Great for controlling traffic during events or times of road construction.

Choose the R2-4a No Turns Sign to bring uncompromised quality and safety to your roads. With options for customization in size, material, and reflectivity, this sign can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

R2-4a No Turns Sign is designed to improve road safety by clearly indicating areas where turns are prohibited.

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