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A lightweight yet heavy-duty aerosol striping paint applicator. Vers-A-Striper equipment is perfect for any line striping application, from parking lots to football fields. Reliable, precise, and easy to use, both 800 and 801 Series line-striping machines are available, covering a wide range of surface applications.

Series 800 Vers-A-Striper

The 800 Series model is the best line striper for smooth, flat surfaces, capable of producing line widths of 2 to 4 inches. This model is the ideal asphalt striper for parking lots, roads, garages, industrial facilities, and so forth.  Safety markings on roads and parking areas are clean, precise, and easy to see when applied using this equipment and the right aerosol paint.

  • For use on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete
  • Sturdy 7” wheels for easy maneuverability/li>
  • Use on parking lots, roadways, and other smooth, hard surfaces
  • Produces stripes from 2” to 4” in width
  • Includes a striping alignment guide for straight lines every time

Series 801 Vers-A-Striper

The 801 Series can spray line widths of up to 6 inches on turf, dirt, gravel, and other uneven surfaces. Larger wheels allow for greater ground clearance, making this machine the ideal line-striping equipment for playgrounds, athletic fields, and so forth. Greater line width allows for more flexibility when marking surfaces.

  • For use on turf and dirt surfaces
  • 10″ diameter wheels provide stability for use on uneven surfaces
  • Stripe widths up to 6”
  • Use on athletic fields, playgrounds, construction sites, excavation projects, and more
  • Includes a striping alignment guide

Featuring an all-steel construction, Vers-A-Striper units 800 and 801 include a wind screen and striping alignment guide for crisp, clean paint lines on most surfaces with minimal deviation. Each is capable of holding a full case of paint for no interruptions and minimal downtime. Lightweight construction makes Vers-A-Striper line applicators highly maneuverable and easy to transport while still being durable and reliable.

Vers-A-Striper line-striping machines are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.