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Zicla Zebra Zero Cycle Lane Separator

Segregate traffic flow and build a better bike path with Zicla’s Zebra Zero cycle lane separators!

Zebra Zero cycle lane separators by Zicla are a simple, no-fuss way to create bike lanes without having to rebuild existing roadways. They’re also ideal for designating pedestrian mediums and establishing bus-only lanes. Between their curved “hump” shape and their ridged surface, the unique design of the lane separators helps prevent cars from straying too close to pedestrians and cyclists, thus promoting better safety for everyone on the road.

Transline offers cycle lane separators in standard colors approved by the Federal Highway Administration. Each piece is adorned with reflective, asymmetrical stripes. These markings make the separators extremely hard to miss in the light of day and (due to their reflective coating) also highly visible at night.

Zebra lane separators install quickly, require little maintenance, and resist most kinds of inclement weather. At the same time, they can be removed easily, making them a flexible, cost-efficient option for road design implementation—or even suitable for use on a temporary basis.

  • Adapted to any kind of road surface
  • Available in two sizes: Size 9 (90 mm tall and 164 mm wide), and Size 13 (130 mm tall and 210 mm wide)
  • Almost 40% of its surface is retroreflective
  • Highly resistant to impact
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled materials made entirely with municipal post-consumer waste
  • Zero lane separators weigh about 25% less than the standard Zebra lane separators
  • Zero lane separators also have a smaller carbon footprint than the standard Zebra lane separators
  • Stocked standard stripe color is white, however stripe color customization is available as a custom order. Custom orders take an estimated 60 days. Available colors  –  yellow, green, red and blue.
  • Comes with four anchor holes evenly pre-drilled, facilitating a strong, four-point anchor system

Add Pavement Marking Stencils – for easier installation:

Technical Sheet

Tools needed:


  • Epoxy resin (styrene-free)
  • M12 hex nuts
  • Threaded rods, 10cm In
  • 12mm diameter (15cm in older pavement)


  • Hammer drill
  • Small sledge hammer
  • Epoxy gun

Depending upon available space, line separators can be installed parallel to traffic OR at a 30° angle pointing in the direction that cars are traveling. The stripes on each piece are asymmetrical, so please rotate the separators prior to installation in a way that will make the denser stripes more visible to oncoming cars.

Zicla Zebra Zero Cycle Lane Separator

Innovative separator with reflective strips that give great visibility.

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