Thermoplastic is a unique polymer that liquefies in the face of high temperatures and, once allowed to cool down and dry, will bond mechanically to asphalt—and will stick to treated concrete, as well. This makes it ideal for creating crisp, steadfast markings on pavement. When installed correctly, thermoplastic typically lasts four to five times longer than painted designs subjected to the same wear and tear!

Bulk thermoplastic pellets can be melted by specially-designed applicators and used to “free-hand” lines, letters, or other symbols onto a desired surface. And Transline Industries carries only high-quality plastic that will go on clean, dry rock-solid, and create a beautiful final product. Don’t feel limited by the established designs of pre-formed plastic pieces; when you need to create something one-of-a-kind, bulk thermoplastic is the way to go!

Please note that thermoplastic pellets and thermoplastic applicators are sold separately.

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