Meet Trantex at ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo 2022 in Tampa

Meet Trantex at ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo 2022 in Tampa

Trantex is once again excited to announce that, this February, we’re exhibiting at the ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo 2022 in Tampa, Florida!

At this year’s convention, we hope to show off high-quality traffic control equipment and services, interact with industry-leading professionals and with consumers alike.

What is the ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo 2022?

American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) has a singular goal in effectively reducing or outright eliminating roadway fatalities by working toward zero deaths and expanding and innovating upon roadway safety infrastructure.

As a leading traffic control institution offering quality products designed to reduce fatalities, injuries, and accidents on America’s roadways, Trantex is excited to be part of ATSSA Expo and participate in this year’s expo & convention in Tampa, Florida!

Right now, before this year’s expo, it’s easier than ever to become a member of ATSSA and join the likes of Trantex in eliminating traffic fatalities nationwide! Want to be a part of next year’s Expo? To learn more about ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo, visit their registration and information webpage.


Incorporated in 1970, ATSSA is an International Trade Association and member-oriented organization with over 1,500 traffic safety companies nationwide representing 11,000 and growing industry professionals. These professionals and companies range from sign manufacturing and pavement marking to guardrail and barrier installation, traffic services, and even traffic signal divisions.

What Does ATSSA Offer?

As a member of ATSSA, you gain access to significant benefits, including exclusive training sessions, events like this year’s expo, technical services, and quality blog posts detailing the traffic control and safety industry as a whole.

What are the Details of This Year’s Expo?

Are you interested in meeting with Trantex employees at this year’s ATSSA Expo in Tampa? Here are all the details you might need to make it to the convention!

Location: Tampa Convention Center
Dates:  February 11-15
Theme: Reunite for Roadway Safety in Tampa
Trantex Booth: # 641

Trantex is excited to visit with industry-leading professionals in the traffic safety scene at this year’s ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo in Tampa, and we can’t wait to see you there!