BuyBoard 101: What You Need to Know

BuyBoard 101: What You Need to Know

All throughout the great state of Texas, school districts, cities, counties, and local and state government entities rely on professional means when sourcing products and services to help keep communities running smoothly. For all of their efforts and requirements, the BuyBoard has quickly become the leading spot to purchase goods and services since 1998.

What is BuyBoard?

BuyBoard, and subsequently the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative, was designed and built from the ground up to offer local government entities, including school districts, an opportunity to conveniently and easily purchase supplies and equipment online.

As such, members receive better products, with better pricing, including all manner of equipment and services used daily.

How Does BuyBoard Work?

BuyBoard is a procurement space designed to make sourcing, purchasing, and receiving necessary equipment and tools easier for entire districts throughout Texas.

Once you’ve registered and are approved to use BuyBoard, procuring resources is as simple as logging in on the website, finding what you need, and waiting for your shipment.

What is Available on BuyBoard?

As a member of BuyBoard, you’ll have access to a large selection of items — procurement made easy!

Some of the items on offer benefit school districts, including in-classroom equipment, sports equipment for on and off the field, safety equipment for both learning environments and communities alike, and so much more.

Clearcut Benefits of BuyBoard

On top of how easy it is to join BuyBoard, you’ll enjoy a wealth of clearcut benefits now and in the future. Such benefits include:

  • Value and Choice – By offering a broad range of contracts right this moment, members of BuyBoard can take advantage of everything necessary to support their growing organization. Members like you will know firsthand which products you need to succeed, and you’ll have a choice in which vendor you select.
  • Compliance and Transparency – Every contract live on BuyBoard at this time underwent a competitive procurement process, thereby saving you time and money. Thorough regulations and requirements provide members with total compliance with both local and state procurement procedures, plus a documented audit trail for every purchase.
  • Efficiency and Savings – Due to the competitive nature of the procurement process, members can save time, energy, and resources with BuyBoard instead of wasting it on preparing and conducting form RFP.
  • Member Governed – The BuyBoard cooperative is wholly governed by an eight-member board made up of members from various parts of the country. The board’s sole function is to govern the cooperative and award contracts with zero delegation to staff.
  • Public Education and Local Government Support – BuyBoard was designed from the ground up to support and serve local government entities and public education departments across the country. As such, all purchases made through BuyBoard directly support statewide endeavors.

How Do I Join BuyBoard?

It has never been easier to enroll in BuyBoard. Thankfully, the official BuyBoard has an entire page dedicated to ‘How to Join’ the program, but we’ll touch on the bullet points here.

First and foremost, BuyBoard is completely free and simple to use and register for. The Texas Cooperative is open to local governments, political subdivisions, and certain Texas Association of School Boards organizations, including community colleges and school districts offering open enrollment.

To enroll in BuyBoard and take advantage of its excellent services, assuming eligibility, you simply need to e-mail or mail an executed agreement directly to BuyBoard — it’s that simple.

Transline is proud to be a part of BuyBoard and its network for local government services and entities. We’re excited to offer high-quality traffic safety equipment throughout Texas.

For more information on BuyBoard, contact the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative today. For Transline products and services, visit us online now!