Trantex NEW 20HDFF Does It Again!

Trantex NEW 20HDFF Does It Again!

This latest challenge involved the removal of 24” CROSSWALK TAPE. Several attempts were made by various manufacturers with little to no success to date. The most recent involved a drum style “Grinder” which also fell far short of expectations. This heat generating Grinder design reactivated the glue which further complicated removal attempts. It also removed too much asphalt as it attempted to break through the tape. This customer all but gave up on finding an equipment removal choice.

Trantex 20HDFF    Trantex 20HDFF
The 20HD and the 20HDFF both have become incredible forces in the removal of thermoplastic due to the non-heat generating design. The Trantex design is also minimally invasive, therefore the surface left behind is virtually unblemished. Trantex felt the 20HDFF could handle this challenging application due to the innovative design which delivers the above mentioned benefits (no heat generation, fast removal, and non-invasive removal). The decision was made to demonstrate the 20HDFF which features 48 pins on each of its three cutters. At the same time, Trantex had no concern that the tape might not break apart, nor have the tape “wind up” into a ball on the underside as others had experienced. This lack of concern proved out and the 20HDFF’s performance surprised everyone in attendance. As the cutters rolled, the pins penetrated, and broke apart the tape into smaller manageable pieces. As we removed we approached the tape from above and from both sides allowing the removed tape fragments to collect dust and aggregate taking the sticky nature away which led to the successful removal. A drum style cutter does not have this capability. The 20HDFF was also set to simply penetrate the tape and not the surface so the removal area remained intact and more than ready for the follow-up thermoplastic application.

The customer was having a hard time believing what they were seeing and wanted to personally remove a second and more difficult, tape removal area. For this removal Trantex placed the 20HDFF in the customer’s hands so they could see how simple and easy it is to get complete removal, yet leave the surface blemish free. A key benefit to the 20HDFF’s design is that the road surface is not “marked” with a repeated and consistent scarring. The 20HDFF left no penetration or pattern behind and the removal area still resembled the surrounding road surface. Once the second removal was completed, these “first time users” they were convinced they found the solution they had been looking for. This customer was incredibly impressed as were all in attendance. So much so that they HAD to see the condition of the machine’s underside to see WHAT design handled this application with ease. They also wanted to see what “mess” had accumulated. What they saw was NO ACCUMULATION and the underside was perfectly clean with NO build-up whatsoever.

Put the Trantex 20HD family to the test:
If you are unhappy with your current line removal results, rest assured, there is a better way!