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Hyper-Alerts™ are compact clusters of LED lights embedded into the YOUR SPEED faceplate of a radar speed sign, delivering a significantly more compact solution than traditional beacons. By clustering the LEDs into a smaller footprint, the same light from a typical flasher becomes an urgent notification for the driver.

Perfect for use in pedestrian-heavy environments such as school zones, business campuses, military bases and anywhere else there is an urgency to slow drivers!

The LED clusters deliver the same luminescence as a 12″ beacon, only in a more compact surface. This results in an “impossible to ignore alert” even 1000 feet from the sign.

  • Dual high-intensity amber LED clusters
  • Meets ITE guidelines for brightness use in school zones
  • LED luminosity: 3000 mcd minimum – 12000 mcd maximum
  • 68 LEDs per alert, highly viewable at 1000 feet
  • Flash patterns: MUTCD standard 60 fpm | Wig-Wag (alternating) | Custom patterns available
  • Programmable for an entire year in advance, by date and time, using our Advanced Scheduler
  • Hyper-Alerts™ can be activated based on time of day, by speed, or by both

The Hyper-Alert™ option is available on a new TC-600 model, or as a retrofit of an existing TC-600 model. Existing sign must be returned to Radarsign for the retrofit.

Download Hyper-Alert Spec Sheet



AC Powered Radarsign TC600A FUll matrix 13″ LED – AC Power Supply

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