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Dual Component Gun

Heavy duty professional hand operated dual-component gun. All three rods push the washers for added ease of dispensing product. Supplied with side handle for stability. Dual-component epoxy applicators are ideal for a wide range of traffic installation and repair requirements, from post bases and reflective markers to guard rails and highway barriers. Efficient and powered by hand, dual-component epoxy guns require no external power sources, making them simple to use in the field.

  • 8″ T x 4 3/16”W
  • Overall length 14 1/8”
  • Thrusting force 850 lbs.
  • Mechanical advantage 24 to 1
  • Ratio: 1 to 1
  • Uses 3/8″ case hardened rods and cam
  • Handle can be used on either side

Hand-held and easy to use, dual-cartridge epoxy guns allow for fast installation of permanent fixtures along highways and roadways, particularly in small-scale applications where large, heavy-duty equipment isn’t necessary or viable. Built for 1:1 adhesives, dual-component epoxy guns are stable, easy to use, and reliable. High thrusting force and superb mechanical advantage mean minimal effort is needed to apply two-part epoxies in post holes and other roadway fixtures.

Hardened rods and cam are tightly constructed for durability and reliability, allowing for prolonged use with minimal downtime. Stabilization handle can be used on either side, allowing for left- and right-handed use. Pumping the applicator’s trigger automatically mixes and dispenses the contents of dual-component epoxies, making for fast, efficient, and highly controlled adhesive application.

A handheld two-part epoxy applicator quickly and reliably dispenses adhesives from each epoxy cartridge without the need for external power sources and extra equipment. This makes them ideal for quick, on-the-spot use. No cables, air hoses, compressors, or generators necessary. Whether installing new fixtures or making repairs to existing barriers, markers, etc., manual epoxy guns are a simple, ready-to-use tool for roadside construction applications.


Heavy duty professional hand operated dual component gun. All three rods push the washers for added ease of dispensing product. Supplied with side handle for stability.

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