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R8-3fP Except on Shoulder Sign

Driving rules change depending on the area, and the R8-3fP Except on Shoulder Sign provides a clear, unequivocal guide for drivers. This sign serves as an essential navigational aid that spells out exceptions to the “no parking” rule, specifying that parking is allowed on the shoulder.

Key Features:

  • Explicit Messaging: With its direct “Except on Shoulder” text, this sign clarifies where parking is permissible, helping to avoid misunderstandings and fines.
  • Variety in Sizes for Versatile Use:
    • 12″ x 9″: Ideal for less busy, residential areas.
    • 24″ x 18″: Suitable for commercial zones and main roads.
    • 30″ x 24″: Designed for high-traffic areas and busy intersections.
  • Material Diversity:
    • Aluminum: Offers high durability and corrosion resistance for long-lasting use.
    • Plastic: A lighter option, perfect for moderate weather conditions.
    • Wood: Provides a rustic aesthetic suitable for scenic or historical locations.
  • Reflective Sheeting Choices:
    • Engineer Grade: Provides adequate visibility in average lighting and traffic conditions.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Excellent for areas requiring high visibility, especially during nighttime.
    • Diamond Grade: The premium choice for maximum visibility and safety, ideal for high-risk or busy areas.
  • Compliance Guaranteed: Conforms to local and national standards for road signs, ensuring legal compliance and efficacy.
  • Easy Installation: Pre-drilled holes make the sign easy to mount on a variety of surfaces.


  • Residential Communities: Perfect for clarifying parking rules in neighborhoods.
  • Commercial Districts: Guide patrons and employees in shopping centers or office parks.
  • Busy Roads: Effective on main roads where shoulder parking is permissible.
  • Scenic Routes: Useful in parks or recreational areas with specific parking rules.
  • Construction Zones: Indicate temporary parking rules during road work or other projects.

The R8-3fP Except on Shoulder Sign is more than a piece of metal, plastic, or wood—it’s a reliable guide for drivers. This multi-purpose, adaptable sign is a valuable addition to any area where parking regulations need clarification. With its range of sizes, materials, and reflective options, it’s built to serve your specific needs effectively.

The R8-3fP Except on Shoulder Sign, with its direct “Except on Shoulder” text, this sign clarifies where parking is permissible, helping to avoid misunderstandings and fines.

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