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R15-6a Do Not Drive On Tracks Sign

Safeguarding the confluence of vehicular and rail transport zones, the R15-6a “Do Not Drive On Tracks” sign acts as an explicit warning for motorists. Its message aims to prevent potentially dangerous encounters at rail crossings or proximate areas.

Key Features:

  • Clear Directive: Features the unambiguous message, “Do Not Drive On Tracks”, ensuring motorists are immediately informed about the safety protocol in areas near train tracks.
  • Optimized for Visibility: With dimensions of 24″ x 30″, this sign is designed to catch the eye, ensuring drivers have ample time to comprehend and act on the message.
  • Material Choices:
    • Aluminum: Renowned for its resilience, aluminum is the go-to for longevity, offering excellent resistance against various weather elements.
    • Plastic: Flexible and light, plastic is a great pick for settings that may need frequent relocation or temporary signages.
    • Wood: A sustainable option, wood provides durability combined with an eco-friendly aesthetic, ensuring the message stands out while complementing natural surroundings.
  • Reflective Sheeting Options:
    • Engineer Grade: Ideal for areas with ample illumination, boasting a consistent performance lifespan of around 7 years.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Ensures heightened visibility across varied lighting conditions, designed to last approximately 10 years.
    • Diamond Grade: The pinnacle of reflective technology, maximizing visibility even in low-light situations, and has a longevity of up to 12 years.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Crafted following stringent industry norms, guaranteeing a combination of safety and effectiveness.
  • Hassle-free Installation: Pre-drilled holes facilitate easy mounting, suitable for various installation points like poles, walls, or overhead fixtures.

Perfect For:

  • Railroad Intersections: Critical for roads intersecting with or running adjacent to train tracks, especially in areas with high vehicular traffic.
  • Industrial Districts: In locales with regular train movement and a blend of rail and road transportation.
  • Public Transit Centers: Around train or tram stations where unfamiliar drivers might be present, reducing potential risks.
  • Rural Roadways: For countryside routes that intersect or come close to rail tracks, ensuring safety in less frequented areas.

With the R15-6a sign in place, the message is clear: safety is paramount. Its design and messaging work cohesively to prevent any unnecessary risks at zones where rail and roadways meet, championing cautious coexistence in shared transportation areas.

The R15-6a Do Not Drive On Tracks Sign features the message, “Do Not Drive On Tracks”, ensuring motorists are immediately informed about the safety protocol in areas near train tracks.

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