R12-1 Weight Limit 10 Tons Sign

The R12-1 Weight Limit 10 Tons Sign communicates vital weight restrictions clearly, this sign aids in preventing road damage, ensuring bridge safety, and facilitating smooth vehicular flow.

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Ensure the safety and longevity of your roads with the R12-1 “Weight Limit 10 Tons” Sign. Crafted to communicate vital weight restrictions clearly, this sign aids in preventing road damage, ensuring bridge safety, and facilitating smooth vehicular flow.

Key Features:

  • Clear Communication: The explicit “Weight Limit 10 Tons” message promptly guides drivers, particularly those navigating heavy vehicles, ensuring adherence to road capacity and preventing potential infrastructure damage.
  • Available Dimensions:
    • 24″ x 30″: Ideal for urban areas and smaller roads, ensuring clear visibility for all motorists.
    • 36″ x 48″: Optimal for highways and larger thoroughfares, guaranteeing visibility from a distance and to fast-moving vehicles.
  • Versatile Material Options:
    • Aluminum: Famed for its enduring strength and weather resistance, it remains a top choice for long-term outdoor exposure.
    • Plastic: A cost-effective and lightweight alternative, great for temporary placements or in areas with minimal weather variations.
    • Wood: Combines natural aesthetics with sturdiness, providing a blend of visual appeal and resilience.
  • Advanced Reflective Sheeting Choices:
    • Engineer Grade: Suitable for locations with steady lighting, promising around 7 years of impeccable performance.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Designed for areas with varying lighting conditions, ensuring approximately 10 years of bright visibility.
    • Diamond Grade: The pinnacle of reflectivity, it’s perfect for regions with heavy traffic, boasting a strong 12-year lifespan.
  • Conforms to Industry Standards: Adhering strictly to industry specifications, this sign promises accuracy, durability, and appropriate messaging.
  • Effortless Installation: Pre-drilled holes make mounting on various structures, be it posts or walls, a straightforward task.

Suggested Applications:

  • Bridges and Overpasses: Critical for structures with weight restrictions to prevent undue stress and potential structural failures.
  • Roads Undergoing Maintenance: Useful in zones where the road foundation might be temporarily compromised and can’t bear heavy loads.
  • Historic or Vulnerable Areas: Protect regions with delicate infrastructures or those of historical value from potential damages caused by heavy vehicles.

The R12-1 “Weight Limit 10 Tons” Sign is not just a directive but a protector of your roads, bridges, and other vital infrastructures. Whether you’re leaning towards the durability of aluminum, the utility of plastic, or the organic feel of wood, ensure your roads remain safe and well-preserved. Equip your roads with a sign that safeguards, informs, and lasts. Make the right choice today!