R10-6R Stop Here on Red (Right Arrow) Sign

The R10-6R Stop Here on Red (Right Arrow) Sign features the clear and concise instruction “Stop Here on Red,” along with a right-facing arrow to eliminate any guesswork, ensuring a safe and orderly traffic flow.

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Ensure a safer, more organized traffic environment with the R10-6R “Stop Here on Red (Right Arrow)” Sign. Specifically designed for guiding drivers to stop at the designated point when the light is red, this sign helps maintain orderly traffic flow and reduces the chances of accidents at signalized intersections.

Key Features:

  • Clear Direction: The unmistakable “Stop Here on Red” message is accompanied by a right-facing arrow, offering clear guidance to drivers, and helping to minimize confusion and errors.
  • Available Sizes: Choose from two convenient dimensions—24″ x 36″ or 36″ x 48″—to meet the visibility requirements of different road conditions and intersection types.
  • Material Options:
    • Aluminum: Resilient and corrosion-resistant, ideal for long-term outdoor installations.
    • Plastic: A budget-friendly and lightweight option suitable for less demanding or temporary placements.
    • Wood: Adds a rustic, aesthetic appeal perfect for specific scenic or community settings.
  • Reflective Sheeting Grades:
    • Engineer Grade: Adequate for well-lit or less congested areas, durable for up to 7 years.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Ideal for high-traffic or low-light conditions, with up to 10 years of effectiveness.
    • Diamond Grade: Offers the highest level of visibility and durability, effective for as long as 12 years.
  • Compliance: Designed to meet or exceed all industry standards related to visibility, durability, and reflectivity.
  • Ease of Installation: Features pre-drilled holes for quick and effortless mounting on various surfaces including poles, walls, or fences.

Best Suited For:

  • High-Traffic Intersections: Indispensable for busy junctions where precise stopping points are essential.
  • School Zones: Vital for ensuring the safety of students, teachers, and parents during busy school hours.
  • Shopping Centers: Useful for directing traffic in commercial areas with complex road layouts.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Critical for managing traffic at hospital entrances and emergency routes.

Upgrade your traffic management system with the R10-6R “Stop Here on Red (Right Arrow)” Sign. Customize the size, material, and level of reflectivity to match your unique road conditions and safety needs. By implementing this sign, you’re making a proactive investment in road safety.