R10-13 Emergency Signal Sign

The R10-13 Emergency Signal Sign is specifically designed to draw attention to critical emergency signals. This sign plays a crucial role in alerting drivers and pedestrians, ensuring immediate response and navigation in emergency situations.

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Elevate the safety standards of your emergency zones with the R10-13 “Emergency Signal” Sign. Specifically designed to draw attention to critical emergency signals, this sign plays a crucial role in alerting drivers and pedestrians, ensuring immediate response and navigation in emergency situations.

Key Features:

  • Critical Messaging: The sign is designed to prominently indicate the presence of emergency signals, allowing for quick recognition and action.
  • Multiple Sizes: Available in three distinct sizes—24″ x 18″, 36″ x 24″, and 42″ x 30″—to cater to varying visibility needs and installation locations.
  • Material Variants:
    • Aluminum: Highly durable and weather-resistant, suitable for long-term outdoor usage.
    • Plastic: Cost-effective and lightweight, perfect for temporary setups or less demanding environments.
    • Wood: Offers a natural, rustic look while maintaining functionality and readability.
  • Reflective Sheeting Options:
    • Engineer Grade: Satisfactory for well-lit conditions and offers durability up to 7 years.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Recommended for challenging lighting scenarios and high-traffic zones, with up to 10 years of durability.
    • Diamond Grade: The premium option for extreme visibility conditions, ensuring maximum reflectivity for up to 12 years.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets or surpasses industry standards for reflectivity and durability, complying with road and emergency safety regulations.
  • Installation Friendly: Each sign comes with pre-drilled holes for straightforward and secure mounting on various surfaces, from poles to walls and fences.

Ideal For:

  • Emergency Routes: Clearly demarcates roads used for emergency vehicles, ensuring they remain unobstructed.
  • Hospital Zones: Effective in hospital surroundings to indicate the availability and requirement of immediate action regarding emergency signals.
  • Fire Stations: Useful near fire departments to manage the smooth passage of fire engines and other emergency vehicles.
  • School Zones: Keeps children and other pedestrians safer by alerting drivers to the special precautions needed in emergency scenarios.
  • High-Traffic Areas: Especially effective in areas where high volumes of vehicles and pedestrians are present, requiring quick response times.

Increase the effectiveness of your emergency signaling and enhance overall safety by opting for the R10-13 “Emergency Signal” Sign. Tailor your selection to fit the specific needs and conditions of your area, choosing from various sizes, materials, and reflective sheeting options. When it comes to emergency situations, clarity and rapid response are paramount—our R10-13 sign delivers on both fronts.