R829-MX School Zone Beacon

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Take school zone safety to the next level with the R829-MX School Zone Beacon. This Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) provides a simple and cost-effective method for cities to remotely monitor, manage, and extract data from their school zone safety equipment. With its smart module system and embedded connectivity, the R829-MX delivers a custom solution that promotes child safety and peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Versatile School Zone Applications: The R829-MX allows a mix of beacon types, including circular beacons and LED enhanced signs, to adapt to varying school zone requirements. It serves as a comprehensive solution for improving safety in school zones.
  • Safety-Enhancing Alerts & Street-Level Data: The system provides safety-enhancing alerts and detailed street-level data, ensuring school zones are effectively managed and maintained for optimal student safety.
  • Easy Setup & On-Site Access with MX Field App: The R829-MX simplifies the setup process, providing quick on-site access through the MX Field App. The app offers user-friendly controls and real-time system updates.
  • Simple Scheduling – Local or Remote: Manage the operation of the beacon with ease, whether on-site or remotely. Set up efficient and effective schedules to ensure the beacon operates exactly when needed.
  • Embedded Connectivity & Free Three-Year Service: The R829-MX comes equipped with embedded connectivity that automatically connects to MX Cloud and the MX Field App as soon as it receives power. Plus, enjoy three years of free connectivity service with your purchase.
  • User Management & Enhanced Security: Manage users effectively while ensuring data and operations are secure with robust security standards.

Invest in the safety of your school zones with the R829-MX School Zone Beacon. Easy to configure and maintain, the R829-MX offers cities a smart, secure, and innovative solution for enhancing school zone safety. Harness the power of data and make your school zones safer with the R829-MX today.