R920-MX Crosswalk Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon

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Experience the next generation in pedestrian safety with the R920-MX Crosswalk Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB), a standout product from Transline Industries. Synonymous with exceptional quality and industry-leading performance, our RRFB is the simplest and most affordable solution for cities to remotely monitor, control, and gather rich data from their roadway safety assets.

Key Features:

    • Smart Modules for Intelligent Operation: With a unique mix-and-match design, the R920-MX’s smart modules facilitate custom solutions with minimal on-site configuration, improving roadway safety and contributing to safer pedestrian crossings.
    • Seamless Connectivity: Our RRFB is designed for the future with embedded connectivity. The system automatically connects to the MX Cloud and MX Field App upon power activation, enhancing RRFB performance and data accessibility without the need for any external components.
    • Complimentary Connectivity for Three Years: Transline Industries strives to offer maximum value. All our R920-MX RRFBs come with three years of free connectivity, guaranteeing a seamless, cost-effective pedestrian safety solution.
    • MX Cloud Software & MX Field App: Enhance your RRFB operation and data access with our user-friendly MX Cloud software and MX Field App. Efficient system management and prompt issue resolution are just a few clicks away.
    • Real-time Alerts & User Management: Stay ahead with timely email and text alerts regarding your RRFB system status. Additionally, our robust user management feature provides superior control over system access.
  • Uncompromising Security: With R920-MX, expect top-tier security measures that ensure your data and operations are well protected at all times.

Invest in the R920-MX Crosswalk Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon and elevate your city’s approach to roadway safety and pedestrian crossing solutions. With our RRFB, you get more than just a product – you get a comprehensive, data-driven solution tailored to your specific needs. Leverage the power of the R920-MX to enhance pedestrian safety and ensure efficient operations today.