High Index Airport Glass Beads

High-index glass beads are used on airport runways, specialized signs and in other applications that require high-intensity retroreflectivity.

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  • Made of high-density barium titanate glass.
  • Clear and lead-free.
  • Comes in 50 pound bags and 2000 pound pallets. Pricing per individual pound is also available.

For heavy-duty marking jobs, count on high index airport glass beads to make your lines stand out!

Glass beads are one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to increase the visibility of road markings and other signs. When integrated into traffic paint, the tiny, sand-like grains of glass will not compromise the paint’s stability, coloration, or ability to adhere to surfaces. They will, however, reflect any light shined onto the surface, giving your marking an illuminated appearance. This promotes better safety for motorists and pedestrians alike.

TT-B 1325D Type 3 glass beads by Flex-O-Lite® comply with the highest standards of quality and durability. This product sports a refractive index of 1.90-1.92 and a larger grain size than other types of microspheres, making them suitable for use on airport runways, specialized signs, and any other area where intense visibility is necessary.

How to Use

Estimate about 10 pounds of glass beads per 1 gallon of paint. Beads can be applied as drop-on spheres for most kinds of highway-grade paint.

In their raw, fresh-out-the-bag state, glass beads may produce a fine dust. Inhaling excessive amounts of this dust can cause respiratory irritation, especially for people living with chronic lung conditions. Wear a NIOSH-approved dust mask or respirator when pouring or stirring beads; if respiratory irritation occurs (e.g., coughing, shortness of breath, sinus pain), afflicted people should leave the area and breathe in fresh, clean air immediately.

Please note that this page specifically refers to Type 3, airport-quality glass beads. Our full selection of glass microspheres can be found in our product catalog’s ‘Glass Beads’ section. To ensure that you select the right glass beads for your project, please check any local ordinances or regulations concerning pavement marking materials and/or consult with a Transline representative.

Specification:  TT-B 1325D Type 3

Documents: Specification TTB-1325D