Engineered with precision, Perma-Patch provides an unparalleled solution for lasting asphalt repairs. SHRP-endorsed and suitable for a range of applications, it ensures durability and quality in every use. Ideal for projects of all sizes.

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Introducing Perma-Patch: the all-weather, all-season, definitive cold asphalt patching solution. Engineered with a specialized blend of cutting-edge polymers, pressure-sensitive plastics, and ¼” grade angular aggregate, Perma-Patch is designed for durability and resilience.

Key Features of Perma-Patch:

  • Robust and Enduring: Ideal for effectively addressing potholes, depressions, utility cuts, cable/fiber optic trenches, around manhole covers, utility boxes, and bridge expansion joints. Perma-Patch doesn’t merely patch; it fortifies.
  • Recognized Excellence: Evaluated and endorsed as the No. 1 permanent cold-applied patch repair material by the Federal government’s Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) study. While other products demonstrated failure rates of 30%-70% higher, Perma-Patch emerged as the clear leader in performance and reliability.
  • Efficient Application: Simplify your repair process. With Perma-Patch, there’s no mixing, no elaborate preparation. Pour, spread, compact, and you’re done.

Straightforward Application Process:

  1. Prepare: Clean the repair area of any large or loose aggregate.
  2. Pour and Level: Directly pour Perma-Patch, ensuring to overfill by ½”- ¾”. Smooth out using standard tools like a rake or shovel.
  3. Compact: Achieve a solid finish using a hand tamper, vibrating plate compactor, or even the pressure of passing vehicles.
  4. Ready for Use: Post-application, the repaired area can immediately accommodate traffic.

Available Packaging Options:

Whether you have a small repair or a large project, we cater to every need:

  • 60 lb. Paper bag Regular Mix
  • 40 lb. Poly woven bag Regular Mix
  • 50 lb. Poly woven bag Regular Mix
  • 1 Ton bulk bag
  • 60 lb. Paper bag Fine Mix
  • 50 lb. Pail Regular Mix
  • 50 lb. Pail Fine Mix
  • 30 lb. Pail Regular Mix
  • 30 lb. Pail Fine Mix

Perma-Patch stands out as the premium choice. Invest in quality, invest in longevity—choose Perma-Patch for your asphalt repair requirements.

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