Thermoplastic Dies

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Trantex’s Thermoplastic Dies are an incredibly unique, yet practical thermoplastic die. There are key features in our in-house die that make a huge difference everyday.

  • Die Construction

Our dies are manufactured with more steel and thicker steel than any other steel die. Our dies are nearly twice the weight of competitive steel dies. Even in the less critical areas of die
construction, these thermoplastic dies have 25% heavier wall thickness.

  • Die Capacity

Packed to the brim, Trantex dies are designed to carry more melted material than any other die. In fact, the our thermoplastic die carries 30% more onboard melted material than the next closest product. Incredibly, our inhouse dies holds 160% more capacity than aluminum dies.

  • Die Metallurgy

Manufactured with harden steel, our dies are virtually impossible to warp or distort our hardened steel die at the temperatures involved.

  • Die Actuation

Our thermoplastic dies are engaged and disengaged with a simple push/pull motion. This motion is very positive and ensures fast and precise starts and stops

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