Magnum Heat Torch

The Magnum Torch with self-contained torch ignition is a wide mouth propane torch for applying preformed thermoplastic pavement markings.

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  • Kit includes a 16-inch handle torch with igniter, a single fire shroud with Piezo lighter, a pressure regulator, and a 25-foot flexible hose.
  • Runs on propane.
  • Must be must paired with a Department of Transportation (DOT) -approved container that is equipped with a UL-listed shut-off valve.

Transline’s premier handheld heating tool!

The Magnum heat torch is ideal for applying preformed thermoplastic pieces to paved surfaces. Its wide mouth, self-contained ignition, and balanced, lightweight design makes it simple to use and helps ensure neat, clean final results. Don’t let its humble appearance fool you, though: the Magnum packs a wallop! With its brass construction, long hose, and powerful, interchangeable nozzles, this torch can more than hold its own during major projects and on tough job sites.

How to Use

This product is intended only for use with thermoplastic or heat-activated bitumen. Please exercise extreme caution when working with heat torches; we recommend always using the two-hand grip handles to direct the heat towards the ground. For best results, read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation of preformed thermoplastic pavement markings.

Torches and thermoplastic pieces are sold separately. Our selection of preformed pieces can be viewed in our full product catalog.