Parking Lot Accident Statistics – Making Parking Lots Safer

Parking Lot Accident Statistics – Making Parking Lots Safer

Parking lot safety should be a high priority for any property owner, but it’s not something people usually think about on a daily basis. However, parking lot accidents are surprisingly common, so it’s important to take safety in parking areas seriously.

Parking Lot Accidents – Statistics and Facts

Parking lot safety is a larger issue than many property owners and contractors may realize. The following parking lot safety statistics show how surprisingly common—and fatal—accidents in these areas can really be.

Distracted Driving is Common in Parking Lots

When driving at low speeds through a parking lot, it’s easy to get complacent. Many drivers engage in distractions while navigating parking areas, often leading to accidents. These statistics give a breakdown of the types of activities that could lead to an accident:

  • Two thirds of drivers report driving while distracted in parking lots
  • Over half (56%) of drivers report texting while in parking lots
  • Over half use social media or email
  • 63% program GPS systems
  • Just under half (49%) report taking pictures or watching videos

Hundreds of Thousands of Accidents Occur in Parking Lots Ever Year

These distracted behaviors often lead to severe accidents in parking areas. These accidents number in the hundreds of thousands every year, with numbers peaking during the holidays after Black Friday.

  • One in five (20%) of vehicle accidents occur in parking lots
  • Parking lots are the scene of over
  • Over 60,000 people are injured in parking lots every year
  • Parking lot accidents increase in volume during the holiday shopping season
  • Actual numbers may be higher since many accidents aren’t reported

Many Parking Lot Accidents Are Fatal

Just because people usually don’t drive very fast in parking areas doesn’t mean accidents can’t be lethal. These statistics show just how dangerous parking lot accidents can be.

  • Over 500 people die every year in parking lots and garages
  • About 9% of pedestrian deaths in parking lots result from backup accidents
  • About 20% of child fatalities from traffic occurred in non-traffic areas, including parking lots

Parking Lot Safety Tips

While property owners can’t necessarily control whether drivers engage in distracted driving or follow safety rules, there are ways to enhance parking lot safety and prevent accidents from occurring. Clear signage and markings, sturdy barriers, and regular maintenance can all help protect the people visiting your property.

Maintain Clear Signage and Stripes

Clear signage and pavement markings are a must in any parking lot since they help direct drivers to follow rules and avoid dangerous behaviors. Pavement marking equipment and supplies make it fast and simple to put down markings and stripes and to keep current markings clear and easy to read.

Invest in Some Parking Lot Safety Equipment

In addition to clear signage, parking lot supplies such as car stops, bollards, and rumble strips can help prevent inattentive drivers from intruding on areas where you see lots of foot traffic. Placing these items at the ends of parking spaces and near pedestrian areas can help reduce the incidence of serious injuries and fatalities due to vehicle accidents by acting as a physical or tactile barrier.

Improve Lighting

Low visibility can be a factor when it comes to accidents. In a dimly lit parking lot, it can be easy for pedestrians to go unnoticed, especially for distracted drivers. By improving the lighting in your parking lot, you can help reduce the odds of parking lot accidents. In some cases, brighter lighting may be needed, but increasing the coverage may also be necessary.

Keep Your Parking Lot in Good Repair

Finally, routine parking lot maintenance is essential to keeping a parking area safe. Renewing lines and markings is important, but so too is sealing up cracks, removing snow (when necessary), and fixing potholes. If left unattended, these problems could make accidents more likely as well as lead to more costly issues later.

Improve Parking Lot Safety with Quality Tools and Supplies

When it comes to improving parking lot safety on your property or work area, there are many tools that can make it easier. Stencils, paints, striping machines, and more can facilitate the process of putting down markings and installing bollards and car stops can create physical barriers that help minimize the risk to pedestrians and other drivers in the area.

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