Arrow Boards are an Effective Form of Traffic Control

Arrow Boards are additional advance warning traffic control devices used where a lane(s) is closed and traffic must merge with other traffic in an adjacent lane. Transline has several Arrow Board options available to suit your work zone safety needs.

Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards

Two types of trailer mounted Arrow Boards available are Vertical-Mast Arrow Boards and Folding-Frame Arrow Boards.

Vertical-Mast Arrow Boards

Vertical Arrow Board Trailers have a display panel that remains vertical at all times and can be rotated to face traffic. They also feature W|ECO® technology, a power system that benefits the environment without sacrificing performance. W|ECO Arrow Boards set the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry.

Folding-Frame Arrow Boards

The new generation of W|ECO® Arrow Boards is even more power-efficient. Innovative engineering employs a unique power system that uses small, ecofriendly batteries. The result is a remarkable technology that benefits the environment without sacrificing performance. W|ECO Arrow Boards set the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry.

LED Solar Arrow Board Trailers

Powered by a battery storage bank charged by a self-erecting, shadow-free solar panel, these environment-friendly arrow board trailers are available with either 15 or 25 light displays. The lamps are guaranteed for 5 years with an estimated life of 20 years. Display options include Left arrow, Right arrow, Sequencing left arrow, Sequencing right arrow, Caution/warning bar, Four point/corner caution or Double arrow.

Skid-Mounted Arrow Boards

Skid-Mounted Arrow Boards are the most power-efficient in the industry. They feature low power consumption, a self-contained power supply, and a control module with a 30-foot cable for mounting inside a truck cab or elsewhere. The rigid skid can be affixed to a truck bed or any rigid footing, and keeps the arrow board firmly in place. They are selfpowered and you can choose a fixed-position or pivoting skid. The Skid-Mounted Arrow Board is available with either a 15 or 25 light option and meets MUTCD.

Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Boards

Vehicle-mount arrow boards provide an obvious solution for convoys, crash-cushion (TMA) trucks and emergency repair crews. Available in four sizes, with the same features as our trailer-mount models, Wanco’s proprietary LED design provides wide angularity and superior visibility. Wanco also has the largest selection of mounting options available for vehicle mount arrow boards. The Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Board is available with either a bed or tailgate mount. Electric power-tilt is an optional convenience and Wanco’s Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Boards meet MUTCD.

Three important modes included on the Arrow Boards for work zone safety are the arrow and chevron mode, which are used for lane closures, and the caution mode which is used for shoulder work, blocking the shoulder or roadside work near the shoulder. Trailer mounted Arrow Boards are required for certain long term traffic control and road work situations but quick transport to an emerging situation is a logistical issue. In response to that, many DOTs are now utilizing truck mounted Arrow Boards to allow fast reaction to emergencies as well as to perform routine maintenance. Quickly closing lanes blocked by vehicles and illuminating a work zone properly can save lives.

For safety reasons, proper placement of the Arrow Boards is an essential component in setting up the work zone. It is very important to locate the arrow display an accurate distance from the roadwork to allow appropriate reaction time by approaching drivers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, where the shoulder is narrow, the arrow display should be located in the closed lane. The effective placement of arrow boards is contingent on sight visibility; attention must be paid to the road geometry and speed of the roadway when determining placement. For multiple lane closures, the arrow board should be placed at the beginning of the taper.

Centerline carries Wanco arrow boards which play an essential role in keeping the work zone safe. Highly visible, easy to operate, rugged and dependable, Wanco arrow boards set the standard. Wanco has several arrow board models to fit your specific needs, including models with environmentally friendly W|ECO® Technology, the most power-efficient arrow boards in the industry.