R12-9aT Width Limit Sign

The R12-9aT Width Limit Sign communicates essential width restrictions with precision. This sign is crucial for roads with specific width constraints, ensuring the safety of vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructures alike.

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Navigate your roads and pathways with utmost confidence, thanks to the R12-9aT “Width Limit” Sign. Created to communicate essential width restrictions with precision, this sign is crucial for roads with specific width constraints, ensuring the safety of vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructures alike.


  • Distinct Messaging: The straightforward “Width Limit” message is designed for swift comprehension, enabling drivers to react timely and appropriately.
  • Designed for Maximum Visibility:
    • Dimensions: A sizable 48″ x 60″ ensures that the sign stands out and is effortlessly noticeable, even from a distance.
  • Diverse Material Options:
    • Aluminum: Famed for its durable nature and weather-resistant properties, it’s an excellent choice for persistent outdoor placements.
    • Plastic: Combines the virtues of being both lightweight and resilient, ideal for scenarios where mobility or temporary setups are required.
    • Wood: Melds the durability of modern signage with a timeless, natural aesthetic, perfect for settings that value a touch of tradition.
  • Reflectivity Grades Tailored to Various Needs:
    • Engineer Grade: Offers satisfactory reflectivity, best suited for adequately illuminated areas with a longevity of around 7 years.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Delivers superior visibility across different lighting conditions and maintains its reflective prowess for approximately 10 years.
    • Diamond Grade: The pinnacle in reflection technology, ensuring unmatched visibility in densely populated and low-lit regions, lasting up to 12 years.
  • Compliance and Durability: Produced in line with industry standards, ensuring consistent quality and long-lasting performance.
  • Installation Made Simple: Features pre-drilled holes for effortless mounting, making it compatible with various fixtures, from standalone posts to walls.

Best Suited For:

  • Broad Highways: Especially effective for expansive highways and expressways where high-speed vehicles need clear instructions.
  • Commercial Areas: Essential for business districts or areas with specific size requirements for commercial vehicles.
  • Large Construction Zones: Perfect for demarcating zones with temporary width restrictions due to large-scale construction or remodeling.
  • Public Facilities: Suitable for bus terminals, airports, or train stations that necessitate specific vehicle width regulations.

With the R12-9aT “Width Limit” Sign in place, you not only regulate traffic effectively but also ensure the safety of the community and infrastructure. Whether you prioritize the long-lasting reliability of aluminum, the flexibility of plastic, or the classic appeal of wood, this sign promises steadfast performance and clear communication.