R11-4 Road Closed Thru Traffic Sign

The R11-4 Road Closed Thru Traffic Sign efficiently alerts drivers to altered routes, ensuring the steady flow of traffic while minimizing delays and confusion.

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Navigating through towns and cities becomes a seamless experience with the R11-4 “Road Closed – Thru Traffic” Sign. Explicit in its message, this sign efficiently alerts drivers to altered routes, ensuring the steady flow of traffic while minimizing delays and confusion.

Key Features:

  • Explicit Communication: The bold “Road Closed” message immediately informs drivers of the situation, with the added “Thru Traffic” detail indicating that the route is inaccessible for pass-through vehicles.
  • Substantial Dimensions:
    • 30″ x 60″: This significant size guarantees clear visibility even from greater distances, granting drivers ample reaction time.
  • Variety in Material Choices:
    • Aluminum: Recognized for its lasting durability and resistance to the elements, it stands as the prime choice for enduring outdoor use.
    • Plastic: A practical and lightweight option, best suited for short-term placements or regions with mild weather conditions.
    • Wood: Offers a unique blend of durability paired with a natural aesthetic, making it both resilient and visually pleasing.
  • State-of-the-art Reflective Sheeting Options:
    • Engineer Grade: Best suited for areas with consistent lighting and regular traffic, guaranteeing about 7 years of effective service.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Designed for zones with fluctuating light scenarios and denser traffic, ensuring roughly 10 years of unblemished visibility.
    • Diamond Grade: The premier choice for peak reflectiveness, especially ideal for zones with high vehicular movement, offering a robust 12-year lifespan.
  • Adherence to Industry Standards: Constructed as per the stringent industry norms, ensuring users of its reliability, longevity, and precise messaging.
  • Installation Made Easy: Comes with pre-drilled holes, facilitating straightforward mounting onto a diverse range of structures, be it poles or barricades.

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Roadworks or Repairs: Perfect during major road refurbishments or unexpected damages, guiding traffic to alternate routes efficiently.
  • Community Events: Useful during local events or festivals that necessitate road closures but still need traffic to flow smoothly around the area.
  • Natural Disruptions: Ideal for scenarios where roads are temporarily obstructed or unsafe due to natural occurrences like landslides or flooding.

The R11-4 “Road Closed – Thru Traffic” Sign embodies a blend of clear design and utility. Whether you’re opting for the robustness of aluminum, the convenience of plastic, or the rustic charm of wood, ensure that your routes remain clear, safe, and efficient. This traffic sign is more than a simple directive; it’s an investment in structured urban planning and public safety. Make the wise choice today!