R10-2 Cross Only on Signal Sign

The R10-2 Cross Only on Signal Sign clearly states “Cross Only on Signal,” helping to guide pedestrian behavior at intersections and crosswalks.

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Ensure that pedestrians cross the street only when it’s safe to do so with the R10-2 “Cross Only on Signal” Sign. This sign serves as a clear, effective reminder to wait for the appropriate signal before crossing, thereby reducing accidents and enhancing public safety.

Key Features:

  • Unambiguous Messaging: The sign clearly states “Cross Only on Signal,” helping to guide pedestrian behavior at intersections and crosswalks.
  • Compact Size: The 9″ x 12″ dimensions ensure that the sign is easily visible but not obstructive, making it ideal for both busy urban streets and quieter suburban areas.
  • Material Options:
    • Aluminum: Durable and rust-resistant, this option is ideal for permanent outdoor installations.
    • Plastic: Lightweight and cost-effective, suitable for short-term or indoor use.
    • Wood: Provides a natural, aesthetic touch perfect for parks and scenic areas.
  • Reflective Sheeting Grades:
    • Engineer Grade: Ideal for well-lit, less busy areas.
    • High-Intensity Grade: Recommended for high-traffic and low-light conditions.
    • Diamond Grade: Offers maximum visibility, best suited for high-risk areas.
  • Compliance: Manufactured to meet or exceed all relevant industry standards for effectiveness, durability, and reflectivity.
  • Easy to Install: Each sign is pre-drilled for your convenience, making installation on posts, walls, or fences a breeze.

Perfect For:

  • School Zones: A must-have near schools to ensure the safety of students and staff.
  • Public Transportation Areas: Highly effective near bus stops and subway or train stations.
  • Shopping Malls: Useful for guiding pedestrians in parking lots and entrances.
  • Community Centers: Assists in managing pedestrian traffic during events or daily activities.

The R10-2 “Cross Only on Signal” Sign is a critical component in creating a safe environment for pedestrians. Available in various materials and reflectivity options, this sign can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your community. Invest in pedestrian safety—choose the R10-2 sign.