R247-MX Warning Beacon

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Embrace the future of roadway safety with the innovative R247-MX Warning Beacon. This state-of-the-art Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) is the ultimate tool for cities seeking to enhance, monitor, and control their roadway safety assets remotely. Engineered with smart modules and seamless connectivity, the R247-MX pairs the latest technology with uncompromised safety.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Applications: Perfectly suited for all regulatory and warning signage applications. The R247-MX offers a blend of circular beacons and LED enhanced signs for superior visibility and safety.
  • Enhanced Safety Alerts & Data Collection: R247-MX prioritizes safety with its high-intensity alerts and invaluable data collection at the street-level. Make informed decisions and enhance safety measures based on solid data.
  • MX Cloud Integration: Easily monitor system status, adjust settings, and review data through the convenient MX Cloud platform. Access your RRFB system from anywhere, anytime.
  • MX Field App Accessibility: Simplify your setup process with the MX Field App. Gain instant on-site access and manage your RRFB system on-the-go, ensuring a streamlined operation.
  • Guaranteed Connectivity for Three Years: No need for external SIM cards or modems. The R247-MX comes with embedded connectivity, instantly syncing with MX Cloud and MX Field App upon activation. Enjoy free connectivity service for the first three years.
  • Advanced User Management & Security: Secure your systems with R247-MX’s robust user management features and enhanced security protocols. Maintain control while ensuring system integrity.

Upgrade your city’s roadway safety management with a R247-MX Warning Beacon. Balancing simplicity, adaptability, and data-driven insights, the R247-MX is set to redefine regulatory and warning signage applications. Invest in your city’s safety and future with the R247-MX today.