No Parking Fire Lane Stencil

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Ensuring uncontested access to fire hydrants and commercial or residential spaces through clearly designated fire lanes proves more effective with the proper signage in place for pedestrians and motor vehicle operators to see. But for that, your municipality requires parking stencil solutions, ideal for a parking lot or beside central districts throughout the county.

A custom stencil designating “Fire Lane No Parking” is the surest way to prevent passersby from blocking key locations for emergency services. This pavement stencil comprises professional-grade polyethylene, features 4” lettering, and can withstand foot traffic and the elements to remain clearly legible when you need proper traffic signage.

  • Professional Grade Polyethylene
  • 4″ letters
  • Thickness: Maxi 1/8″

For more information about the No Parking Fire Lane Stencil from Transline, contact us today with any inquiries or ordering information. We’re happy to provide you with a full quote, including any other parking lot supplies or pavement stencils you may require.