Car Stop Parking Block

Concrete parking stops, or Parking blocks, are always a great choice for durability and longevity.

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  • Made of concrete.
  • Designed and manufactured to have a smooth, lump-free and blemish-free texture.
  • Tough, durable, and cost-effective.

Go back to the basics with our concrete car stop parking blocks!

Transline’s parking blocks are a traditional, no-nonsense way to help drivers park their vehicles properly. The dense, rebar-reinforced concrete is an unmissable (and nigh-impassable) barrier that prevents cars from pulling forward—or backing up—too far into a single space. Whether your aim is to prevent pull-through parking, to inhibit damage to signage, utility poles, and other vehicles, or to simply make walkways safer for pedestrians, a concrete wheel stop can get the job done. Long after the painted lines and markings on your lot have faded or been weathered away, concrete blocks will still be there to help maintain order.

Parking blocks are available in both round and hexagonal shapes. The concrete can easily be painted different colors to improve visibility, comply with ADA standards, coordinate with the façades of nearby buildings, or match other wheel stops in the same lot.

How to Use

Concrete car stops are ideal for indoor parking facilities. Protection from moisture, debris, and extreme changes in temperature will reduce wear-and-tear to the block and increase its lifespan. Transline also sells car stops made of 100% recycled rubber; rubber stops are more appropriate for outdoor use. Concrete stops should only be used on even, level pavement, as the rigid blocks will not conform to the shape of loose gravel or bumpy, irregular asphalt.

Concrete car stops are extremely heavy. Please always use proper lifting and unloading techniques when handling them. For safety reasons, carrying and installing a block should NOT be considered a one-person job.

Use concrete-safe expoy and/or heavy-duty rebar pins to install your block in the desired space. Our parking blocks come pre-drilled with mounting holes but do not include installation hardware.