Heat Gun 3000 Series

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The 3000 EX is specially designed for applying preformed thermoplastic pavement markings and adhesives. It can also be used for removal of paint, drying loop detector grooves, removal of cold plastic and temporary tape, shrinking plastic for wrapping, drying road surfaces and for melting snow or ice. The 3000 EX measures 37” overall including the 29” extension. The fan-shaped nozzle allows for even heating when applying preformed thermoplastic in any season, but especially in windy, wet spring months. The swivel hose connector prevents kinks and twisting. Using the 3000 EX to apply preformed thermoplastic pavement markings will reduce the likelihood that the surface glass beads will sink too much when heating. Other heat torches may put out so much concentrated heat in one spot that it is virtually impossible to control the embedment of the surface glass beads which can result in lower initial retroreflectivity

  • Improved power – The 3000 EX torch produces a minimum of 250,000
    BTU to improve application times by reducing the heat time required to achieve a satisfactory bond
  • Torch case – Foam padded plastic torch case protects your investment during transport. 25’ long hose
    with 360° swivel joint that prevents kinking and twisting
  • Spare igniter stored in the trigger guard compartment. Easy
    replacement without tools or disassembly of the torch
  • Gel-coated comfort grip
  • Standard 29” extension from the handle
  • Nozzle shape allows for even heating of the material
  • Steady and fan shaped flame reduces scorching and splattering of material
  • Adjustable pressure valve allows for simple control of the amount of propane used by the torch