Tuff Nut Tamper Resistant Steel Nut

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A uniquely shaped, tamper resistant, case hardened steel nut. Installed and removed with an open end or crescent wrench by a simple procedure by authorized persons possessing a second identical nut.


  • Truncated Pyramid Shape
  • Can’t be removed with normal hand tools.
  • Case Hardened Steel
  • High strength threads. Resists mutilation.
  • Zinc Yellow Chromate Plating
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Installed And Removed With Same Simple Method
  • Infinitely Reusable.
  • Tightness Is Determined By Installer
  • No pre-determined torque for breakoff.
  • Nuts Are Packed In Boxes Of 102
  • Better inventory control. Comes with two extra nuts for installation.